Founder: Chris & James Georgopoulos

Our Story


The Georgopoulos family is proud to introduce Red Sienna Pride est. 2015TM to the Australian & International pear market. Best described as a bold red velvet colour with a distinct stout stem and similar shaping of a Packham pear. Red Sienna Pride est. 2015TM was developed through a dedicated pear nursery with the assistance of Chris & James Georgopoulos from GV Independent Packers (GVIP).

The Story Behind

James Georgopoulos, son of Chris Georgopoulos, passed away on the 12/03/2016 from bowel cancer. James was the Director of Orcharding at GVIP, managing all varieties from their pre, during and post-harvest state. Since James passing, GVIP was left with a huge loss in its company and most importantly, it’s family. We appreciate that life must go on and therefore the naming of Red Sienna Pride est. 2015TM was honoured after the name of his daughter, Sienna Faye Georgopulos.

In The Now

Red Sienna Pride est. 2015TM provides GVIP with not only a quality product but a product that contains sentimental value. We are proud to provide Red Sienna Pride est. 2015TM to Australia and International consumers, as we would like them to embrace the passion and love James had for growing fruit.

We are currently in the process of planting 150,000 trees for the upcoming season.

Exclusive To Coles

The only place can you find Red Sienna Pride est. 2015TM!

About The Pear

Grown with passion the Red Sienna Pride is an early season harvest fruit locally grown in the Goulburn Valley. It has a great fruity aroma and is a full coloured Deep red pear, crunchy skin, sweet and juicy! This pear is ideal when eating fresh or in salads, juicing, cooking and deserts.

In-Depth Details

Look out for our label!

With a comprehensive industry specific program, the Red Sienna Pride pear is tracked from harvest to your purchase.


A barcode for the store to scan when fruit is sold.


Where the fruit was despatched


Where the fruit was initially packed


Where the fruit was stored prior to packing


The Orchard the fruit come from & the block on that orchard.

GV Independent Packers

The home of Red Sienna Pride

What People Are Saying

The Sienna is a deep red colored pear with a crisp light flesh, This Pear was delicious.


Recently I was asked to try a Red Pear, strange I thought, growing up on a pear orchard with green pears, red didn’t make sense! Well red does make sense. This new Red Sienna Pride Pear is appealing to the eye, is sweet and lasts longer in the fruit bowl.


The colour of the Red Sienna Pride is amazing! It is a deliciously sweet crisp pear!


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